The history of the Chihuahua is speculative. It is a modern breed discovered about 1850 in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is believed to have descended from a small dog known to the Toltec Indians of Mexico in the ninth century. It is believed the Aztecs developed the breed by crossing a breed called “techici” with a small hairless dog that came to Mexico from Asia.

Others trace the breed to the Spanish dogs that accompanied Hernando Cortes and his armies in 1519. The little dog has great religious significance, and archeologists have unearthed dog bones buried in graves beside their masters.Dogs with blue coats were considered sacred, and those with red coats were sacrificed on the funeral pyre in the belief that the sins of their masters would be transformed to the dog, allowing the soul to make the trip to the hereafter untarnished.


Size:Height should not exceed five inches.

Weight:Should not weigh more than 6 lbs. (2-4 lbs. preferred).

Color:Any color in any combination from sand-white to blue, mole or black;tan markings acceptable.

Eyes:Eyes are usually dark; light eyes are acceptable with light coats.

Ears: Very large ears.

Body Structure:The tiniest of all the breeds, the Chihuahua has an apple-domed skull with or without a molera (soft spot on top of the head where the bones have not joined). Its back is slightly longer than its height.

Hair Coat:There are two coat varieties: smooth-coated and long-coated.The smooth-coated variety has soft, close-fitting hair with a ruff on the neck. The long-coated or rough variety has soft, long hair with fringe on the ears and feathering on the legs and tail. Either variety can have undercoat.

Possible Health Problems:A healthy breed overall. The soft spot on the skull may not close in some cases, and a blow to this area can produce serious damage or death. Fragile bones. Older dogs may develop heart disease, arthritis, low blood sugar, bleeding disorders, gum ailments, slipped stifles and epilepsy.


The Chihuahua is a charming, curious and alert little dog. It is the perfect pet for an elderly person to pamper and cuddle. It is extremely affectionate toward his family but can be reserved toward others. It is the perfect apartment pet.


The Chihuahua is very fragile and not a good pet for small children. It can be temperamental. The breed is not good in cold climates and can be a finicky eater.

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