German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is a native of Germany. It was bred as an early herding dog of Europe several hundred years ago. The breed is known as the Alsatian in England and other European countries; it was given this name after World War I to protect it from anti-German sentiment.

American soldiers returning from Europe brought the dogs to the United States, where it is now the most popular herding breed registered to the American Kennel Club. The German Shepherd loves working with people and has been used as a police dog, guard dog, guide dog for the blind and an army patrol dog.


Size:Height 24-26 inches (males) and 22-24 inches (females)

Weight:65-90 lbs.

Color:Browns, black and tan, black, gray; white not allowed.

Eyes:Dark eyes.

Ears:Erect, high-set ears.

Body Structure:The German Shepherd is a muscular, strong, agile breed. It is longer than it is high, with a sharply-defined tapering skull and long, wedge-shaped muzzle. It has a long, muscular neck, deep chest and straight back with a bushy, slightly curved tail.

Hair Coat: Coarse, dense coat that lies close to the body.

Possible Health Problems:Generally strong and healthy breed; some dogs may develop hip dysplasia, skin diseases and infections, bloat, congenital heart disease, nervous conditions, von Willebrand’s disease or dwarfism.


The German Shepherd is an extremely smart breed that is very dedicated to his family, but perhaps a bit reserved with strangers. It is a wonderful watchdog and designed to serve man in any way needed.


The German Shepherd has a hair coat that needs regular brushing. The Shepherd is very popular and should only be purchased from a reputable breeder. It is then a very acceptable companion.

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