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August 2013 | Issue number 027
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Do Dogs need to Stretch
Do dogs need to warm up before exercise?
If you watch your dog, you will see at certain times, or after certain activities they will naturally stretch. But why is it so important?
Well, our four legged friends are natural athletes, and just like us
two legged creatures, it is good for them to warm up before activity, and stretch after.
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Dental Care
Keeping those “pearly whites” WHITE !
Often as owners of our pets we can see most problems
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Dental Month
Huge savings in August
At AMS, Dental Disease is one of the most common health issues we see day to
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Bad Behaviour
In the first of a fascinating article on dog behaviour, Janene Branc discusses bad behaviour...
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5 Reasons to adopt a Pet
1. You'll save a life
2. You'll get a healthy pet
3. You'll save money
4. You'll feel better
5. You won't be supporting
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What can we do for Osteoarthritis?
Have you noticed your pet is finding it difficult to rise on
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