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Jan 2015 | Issue number 029
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Free Offer - January Promotion Giveaway
Free Offer - January Promotion Giveaway Nexgard is an exciting new chewable tablet which will control fleas & deadly paralysis ticks for one month on dogs.All you need to do is go to your clinics Facebook page and Like & Share the Free Offer Post with your Friends and we will draw the winners at the end of January ....read more

Dr Tennille Bignell BVSc(Hons)
Tennille Bignell is one of our senior veterinarians at our Alexandria Vet Hospital....read more
Top Tips
Unfortunately 70% or more of the pet cats we see in consultations are overweight or obese.
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Treating fleas
With the weather getting warmer everyone is coming out to enjoy the sun - including the pesky fleas.
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When Food Goes BAD (Mould) !!
The bread has white patches through it and the steak is a little green in the fridge after you forgot it .... read more