Discharge Instructions After Treatment For Paralysis Tick

Paralysis tick toxin affects many areas of the body. Your pet has been kept in hospital after treatment with anti toxin until they are able to eat and drink without danger of choking and other symptoms have sufficiently resolved.

There are some precautions which you as the owner need to take to avoid any

further problems after you have taken your pet home.

  • 1. Avoid any exercise or stress for your pet for 2 weeks. There will be some residual effect of the toxin, in particular on the heart, so they should be kept rested for this time. For dogs, gentle lead walks to toilet etc are acceptable.
  • 2. Your pet may be hungry or thirsty on returning home but do not allow them to gulp large amounts of food or water. For the next few days they should be fed small amounts of both often so they do not strain their swallowing muscles.
  • 3. Prevent any further tick attachment. Frontline spot-on every 2 weeks, Frontline Spray every 3 weeks or Advantix (for dogs only) every 2 weeks are the most reliable products to stop ticks attaching. They will only last for this time and even a day overdue with dosing will put your animal at risk. Tick collars and washes can also be used for dogs but please check their safety with other products.
  • 4. Daily tick checks. Be aware that no product is 100% effective in stopping the Paralysis Tick from attaching so you must still check the animal daily and preferably twice daily in high risk areas.
  • 5. Remove any further ticks immediately. There are a number of handy products to assist in this but do not worry if some of the tick is left behind, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. If you are unsure, contact us.
  • 6. Keep an eye on your pet over the next 24 hr in particular. Most animals will continue to recover but in some cases we may see a cough or breathing problems develop especially if they have been badly affected before treatment. If you see anything unusual please contact us.
  • 7. Prevent any more tick attachments in the future, a couple of options:
    • i. Spot On Treatments
    • ii. Tick collars and washes can also be used for dogs but please check their safety with other products
    • iii. Daily tick checks. Be aware that no product is 100% effective, so please check your dog daily, also between the toes and in the ears.
    • iv. If any ticks are found, please remove these immediately.

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